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    Dynamically change DataSourceField title

    Is there a way to dynamically change the title property of a DataSourceField inside a ds.xml file?

    My ultimate goal is to have some predefined fields with no title defined, so that the user can use them as they want. For example, I will be having two fields with names "custom_field1" and "custom_field2", to allow the user to use them on both listgrids and dynamicforms. But I want the user to be able to add their own title, or else the automated title will be something like "Custom Field1" and "Custom Field2".

    Using SmartClient Version: v11.1p_2021-05-26/Enterprise Deployment (built 2021-05-26)


    Hi Alexf97,

    this is possible from 12.1p on, see here and here in the 12.1p docs.

    This definitely works. But you are on 11.1p. What I did not try is if you can do it with just Java ResourceBundle that you can define (and most likely already do) like explained here.
    In Java ResourcesBundles are not just .properties files but the lookup can be handcoded as well.

    Best regards