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    12.1p+: PresetDateRangeItem not correctly working in FilterBuilder?

    Hi Isomorphic,

    writing this post I noticed PresetDateRangeItem and the dateRangeFilterPresets-sample (v12.1p_2023-06-27, also in v13.0p_2023-07-06).

    To me it seems this is working in the top test (ListGrid filterRow), but not in the bottom case (FilterBuilder).
    I'd expect "Previous Month", "Previous Week", etc. there as well, but it looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    Best regards

    In the FilterBuilder, pick the custom "in recent date range" operator in order to see the presets.

    The presets are not meant to completely replace all possible date operators.


      We have updated the "Date Range (Presets)" sample to have the "in recent date range" operator selected by default so the sample is clearer.

      You will see the sample updated as of tomorrow's builds, July 8.

      Best Regards
      Isomorphic Software


        Hi Isomorphic,

        thanks, that helps.
        I found two other issues in v13.0p_2023-07-10, though (could not test 12.1p, as there are no new builds since end of June).
        • Warning at start "XRP0:WARN:Log:Criterion specified unknown operator custom. Using the first valid operator (recentDateRange) instead"
        • "Previous week" and "Previous month" only work in the top ListGrid, not in the bottom one. Today/Yesterday are fine both times.
          Reason for this is that there are no criteria in the requests in question in the RPC Tab.
        Related question: In order to see this I had to set dataProperties:{useClientFiltering: false} on the 2nd ListGrid. Is there an other way (perhaps in the logs?) to somehow see the criteria generated? Setting ResultSet to Debug does not work and other categories don't seem to fit from their name. Perhaps are not prelisted category?

        Best regards


          Hi Isomorphic,

          I retested using v12.1p_2023-07-19 as there is a new 12.1p version now.
          Interestingly the issue with "Previous week" and "Previous month" is only in v13.0p_2023-07-19, not in v12.1p_2023-07-19.
          The issue with the warning is in both.

          Best regards