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    Issue with Grid filter in smart client 12.1 when using date range filter list filter is not working

    We are using a CustomListGrid with inline filters for all columns.
    the list filter works fine initially but after we select date range filter, the list filter is not working.
    Once we clear the Date range filter and select any other filter, the list filter works fine.
    sample DS fields: name, domain, roles, create_date (String, String, List, Date)

    Please see the posting guidelines: you are missing lots of required information, including:

    1. client-side logs

    2. full version with datestamp

    3. information about what kind of DataSource this is

    As far as this specific required problem:

    1. please indicate whether this filtering is happening client-side, server-side, or both

    2. please elaborate on "not working" - what specifically is going wrong? All records vanish? Records that should be eliminated are still there? JavaScript error?

    3. you can enable the "ResultSet" log category to see information about specifically what's going on with filtering and criteria