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    ComboBox value is not visible with 13.1 Version

    SmartClient v131d 2023-12-18 Pro
    Chrome 120.0.6099.110 but also in Firefox 120.0.1

    The selected value of the ComboBox is not shown with the pre release 13.1 Version


    "prompt":"Kalenderjahr für Urlaubsanträge und Fehlzeiten auswählen",

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    Hi Simon
    What's going on here is that your SelectItem has width set to "100%", so the SelectItem is filling the available width for the item.
    The DynamicForm itself does not have an explicitly specified width, so it's rendering at its default width of 100, and the SelectItem.

    A few options:
    - If you remove the width:"100%" from the SelectItem definition the item will render at a (larger) fixed default width (exact value depends on the skin).
    - Alternatively if you set an explicit larger width on the DynamicForm (width:250, for example) you'll see the form render wider, with enough space to read the value of this SelectItem
    - Lastly - you can set "clipValue:false" on the item to ensure that it never clips its value -- but of course if you have a select-item with a long display value it may render very wide

    Isomorphic Software


      Thanks for your support :)