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    Stratus skin glitch in latest 13.1

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-02-06/AllModules Development Only (built 2024-02-06)
    Chrome on MacOS

    Hello, I've just noticed that in the latest 13.1, the Stratus skin has rounded buttons in grid headers:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2024-02-06 18.12.52.jpg
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ID:	271613

    Also, I still see that the tabs design is incomplete in Shiva:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2024-02-06 18.15.01.jpg
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ID:	271614

    since I really like how it's turning out, I'm very curious to see the finished version.

    Lastly, I see this warning when loading the showcase:

    *18:08:48.008:WARN:Log:New Class ID: 'EditContext' collides with ID of existing object with value 'function EditContext() { [native code] }'. Existing object will be replaced.
    This conflict would be avoided by disabling ISC Simple Names mode. See documentation for further information.

    hi Claudio,

    We've fixed the roundedness of buttons in Stratus (the default value for a new feature for another skin, not intended in this one).

    Can you explain what you mean about Shiva Tabs being incomplete? In this skin, TabButtons have vertical sides only.


      I appreciate your understanding, and I want to extend my apologies if my previous inquiry came across as rude.
      While the current design may not align with my personal taste, I acknowledge the work that has been put into it and respect the creative choices made by the design team.

      I must admit, my expertise in the design field is limited, so I hope you'll pardon any lack of technical precision in my feedback.

      The tabs, as they are now, don't immediately register as tabs to me, and the design feels somewhat unconventional compared to what I'm accustomed to seeing.
      It's possible that this design approach aims for innovation, but at present, it doesn't resonate with my preferences, both aesthetically and in terms of usability.

      I acknowledge that design preferences can vary widely among users, and I hope that others might appreciate the innovation more than I do. If there's positive feedback from other users, I'm supportive of that.

      As a final note, in my search for comparison, I found some designs with vertical sides, but they differ in their presentation. Here's an example from where the tabs lack spacing between them, the vertical separators are always visible, and the selected tab has a distinct appearance.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	2024-02-07 15.38.47.jpg Views:	0 Size:	9.6 KB ID:	271619

      Thank you for considering my perspective, and I look forward to any further updates on the skin's development.
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        Hi Claudio, thanks for your sincere feedback.

        Just a note that, you are, right now, using a "TabSet" much like what Shiva offers - the "Products Solutions Services" etc options above on this site are basically tabs, in the sense that clicking on them leads to various mutex views with really no "tab" shape per se. So this is actually a pretty pervasive design, but it's definitely true that it tends to appear more often with content than with functionality (grids and so forth).

        One thing we've been looking at it is having most skins offer multiple tabset designs, in part so that they could be nested. The idea would be that there is both a TabSet and NestedTabSet (not a great name) and both would be editable with the Skin Editor, and you could make either one the primary.


          Hello, I think that having multiple tabset designs would be cool.

          Just a last note about Shiva Tabs, there seem to be a padding between the the vertical sides and the tab pane, while with vertical orientation there isn't that padding.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2024-02-15 17.04.43.jpg
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