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    Hi Isomorphic,

    regarding the black selection from #23 I can see that this does no longer happen with SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-06-20. So whatever you did in #24 seemed to have worked.
    I can also see that the ListGrid filter-icon and the SetFilterItem expand-icon are SVGs now.

    Best regards


      hi Blama,

      Following up on a couple of points:

      1) on sorting in particular, SetFilterItems already provide several ways to do it - directly with item.sortField/sortDirection or initialSort, or those same attributes on the "pickList" autoChild-grid via item.pickListProperties - or ...

      2) via item.optionFilterContext, using sortBy - in items with pickers, including SetFilterItem, item.optionFilterContext is effectively a shorthand for item.pickListProperties.dataProperties.requestProperties, so is appropriate for your question in #29


        Hi Isomorphic,

        thanks for the hint on optionFilterContext, which is exactly the shortcut needed. One can sort there and change other fetch params or use sortField, if it is just about sorting.

        "(5) Drag selection still possible, but on the opening caret only, not in the text anymore" which I mentioned in #17 seems to be fixed as well, either because of icon change to SVG or because you changed some code.

        I think that now all design-points are either addressed or you decided to keep them as they are, so this thread should be finished for now. Only samples are missing now.

        Thank you & Best regards


          Hello, I just noticed that on handset the SetFilterItem doesn’t open full screen, is it intended to be like that?


            hi Claudio - SetFilterItem / MultiPickerItem don't implement the normal "PickList" interface, and don't currently support pickListPlacement.

            We'll take a look at what's involved and get back to you.