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    Menu buttons expand in their height after opening them

    Hi everyone i have a problem with making the menubutton height to be not the same as it is before and after opening it. Though it differs on different screen sizes and i dont really know the reason. Nothing in styles that could cause a problem and not any other properties for those button are written. Is there a possibility to make the menu button height to be the same as it was before opening it?

    You didn't post what product and version you're using, which is always required.

    This sounds like a problem solved long ago, so make sure you have the latest patches (see and are using a current version.


      Hi Isomorphic I'm using SmartClient 12.1, is that problem fixed in that version, or we need to update it?
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        See above, and re-read the forum rules - you need the latest patched version, not just a recent major version, and you need to also always report your full version, not just 12.1.