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    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-07-05/AllModules Development Only (built 2024-07-05)

    Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
    A partial update - the issue with the sorterButton being clipped is addressed for today's builds - it's now the proper size, not clipped and the right color.
    I see it's fixed, thank you very much

    Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
    [cut]...along with the opacity issue from #24.
    this seems also fixed, isn't it?


      The issue from #24 was a bit mysterious - it presented as an opacity which we couldn't find being directly applied, but we do perform some tricky pushing backwards and forwards of styles for Buttons, between the content div and the outer table.

      We did correct opacities for disabled buttons, tabs, sections and so on, so most likely one of those fixes addressed this one. Always nice. :)