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    declarative security for rpcBindings

    Hello, I just want to ask if by chance is possible to use declarative security for the rpcBindings of a RPC DMI, or if I must continue to check in java code.

    There isn't a way to do this, but one approach would be to take some of your RPCs and shift them over so that they are represented as CRUD operators on DataSources.

    A surprising range of operations can be represented as CRUD operations, and it's often beneficial to represent them that way. We actually wrote a blog about it!


      Hello, I read the blog post, it's very interesting and I recommend it to everyone.

      In the past, I often felt guilty for always trying to stick to CRUD, so I personally enjoyed reading it ;)

      So, I have rarely used other methods. This time, I stumbled upon an old feature rarely used, and noticing a role check for the user in the Java code, it felt natural to ask if there was an alternative.
      Eventually, I will convert it to CRUD.