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    Remote debug not working in latest builds

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-07-08/AllModules Development Only (built 2024-07-08)
    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2024-07-07/AllModules Development Only (built 2024-07-07)

    Hello Isomorphic, it seems there's an issue with the remote debug feature. Initially, I thought it might be a configuration problem in my app/environment, but the behavior is (almost*) the same in the showcase.

    When you try it, you'll see in the RPC Tab that for every fetch request, the remote dev console shows the request but not the response, which remains "in progress."

    (*) I said "almost" because, in my app, not every request appears in the RPC Tab. Also, some responses do appear.
    Another visual glitch I observe only in my app is the mask on the page when I'm hovering over the "remote" select.

    I've tried an old build
    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2022-01-04/Enterprise Deployment (built 2022-01-04)

    with the same application, and I see all requests and responses in the rpc tab


      Hello, I still see the problem with the latest 13.0 and 13.1, may I ask if you see it also?

      I can add that I see this in the chrome console:
      ISC_RealtimeMessaging.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:42 WebSocket is already in CLOSING or CLOSED state.
      isc_c_Messaging__send @ ISC_RealtimeMessaging.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:42
      isc_c_Messaging_send @ ISC_RealtimeMessaging.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:42
      $139v @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2963
      send @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2959
      call @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2973
      isc_DebugTarget_displayEventTarget @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2993
      eval @ VM6363:4
      thunk @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:375
      observation @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:371
      isc.A.getMouseEventProperties @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2274
      isc_c_EventHandler_handleMouseMove @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2347
      isc_c_EventHandler_dispatch @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v13.0p_2024-07-15.js:2699
      eval @ VM6137:3
      with 13.1 I also see this WARN in the chrome console of the dev console:
      *18:33:55.972:MUP0:WARN:TabSet:requestViewer:no such tab: "aiRequestTab"
      isc.B.push.isc.A.addToMasterLog @ ISC_Core.js?isc_version=SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-07-15.js:1456