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  • Isomorphic
    Hello Sedon,

    In a nutshell:

    1. SmartClient LGPL has much greater breadth and depth of functionality as compared to ExtJS, especially when it comes to actually editing and saving data as opposed to just loading and viewing it. For a very long list of feature areas where SmartClient has a lead, see this page.

    2. The Enterprise version of SmartClient provides yet further functionality not even contemplated in the ExtJS roadmap. See this summary of server-side features, but note this is only a partial list.

    3. Unlike ExtJS, SmartClient LGPL is actually free for use in a commercial, closed source application or product

    4. Isomorphic is generally respected by the open source community, whereas Ext is broadly reviled. It may surprise you to find out how many prominent open source luminaries have spoken out against Ext - someone collected a few here.

    On the flip side, many people express a preference for ExtJS's default look and feel. To address this, Isomorphic has had several new skins professionally designed for use with SmartClient LGPL, free - some screenshots are here.

    Some people point to Ext's smaller size. We would argue that from a compactness perspective (functionality delivered per byte) SmartClient is comparable to Ext, YUI, or other compact systems - SmartClient is larger simply because it delivers more functionality. In most sites where SmartClient is used, size is a non-issue, but SmartClient is also used in sites where small size matters (eg Intuit Quickbooks Online), and in those cases we recommend background download via the FileLoader - implemented properly this technique makes a much larger difference in user experience than any difference in framework/application size.

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  • sedon
    started a topic Extjs compare

    Extjs compare

    Hi guys, just a stupid questions. I've used extjs in some of my application. How do you compare smart client/isomorphic to this nice js framework(extjs) ^_^.
    There was such a thread on their website, n i want to hear from u here.
    Make every reason objective.