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    Issue with updating combobox valuemap manually

    Version: 8.2 Power Edition
    Browser: IE

    We have a combobox in a form with a optionDataSource with a pickList. The pickList is updated as we type in the comboBox and upon selecting an entry the comboBox is updated with the value.

    We have a listGrid in the same app. When we right click on one of the rows we have a menu with an option which would setValueMap and setValue on the combobox which is setting the values just fine.

    Now If I go back to the comboBox and keep typing and click one of the rows from the pickList the value is not getting updated instead it holds the value and valuemap we got from the ListGrid.

    This is how we are setting the value map from the ListGrid


    Here is the comboBox sample code

    name : "temp",
    cellStyle : "noArrowComboBox",
    showTitle : false,
    editorType : "comboBox",
    optionDataSource : dataSource,
    fetchDelay : 200,
    autoFetchData : false,
    respData : null,
    nameToDisplay : null,
    pickListProperties : {
    dataProperties : {
    transformData : function(newData, dsResponse) {
    changed : function(){}

    Is there any issue in using the setValueMap manually rather than the pickList update the values upon selection ?

    You should use optionDataSource *or* setValueMap(), not both in tandem.

    Always post your full version.

    You need to plan an upgrade as soon as possible, you are 3 versions out of date, soon to be 4. Your version does not support IE9 and other common browsers.