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    How to get help with problems

    1. For How-To questions, first search the SmartClient Reference

    2. Use the forum search feature to look for existing threads that may answer your questions

    3. We recommend reading the Debugging section of the documentation before reporting problems. This includes information on how to use SmartClient tools to debug your code, and what information to include in reports of suspected SmartClient bugs.

    4. When posting, include all the information necessary for someone to answer your questions.
    Consider providing:

    - what UI interaction you are trying to achieve, from the end user's perspective.

    - what you expected to happen

    - browser(s) and platform(s) where you see the problem

    - contents of the SmartClient Developer Console "Log messages" area, with appropriate log
    categories set to DEBUG or INFO level

    - stack traces from either IE (in the Developer Console) or Firebug (in the Firebug console) for any JavaScript errors that have occurred.

    - sample code and sample data (tip:enclosing code snippets in [ code] ...[/ code] tags will format them as code, making your report much more readable)

    - SmartClient version (available on lower left of Developer Console)
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