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    ListGrid stuck in "Data Loading" when fetchData is called before the first finishes

    SmartClient Version: v9.0p_2013-11-03/PowerEdition
    Browsers: IE 8-10, Chrome 32, probably others

    I have a ListGrid that fetches data from a DataSource based on user interaction with other components. Sometimes the user initiates another fetchData before the previous call to fetchData has completed. Whenever this happens the grid gets stuck in a "Loading Data" state.

    There are no errors that occur on the server side and I can see the data coming back to the client just fine. The fetchData callback method for both fetchData requests also gets called without a problem. But the ListGrid never displays the rows. It just continues showing the "Loading Data" message.

    You can duplicate this behavior by modifying the code in the example:

    ID: "countryList",
    width:500, height:224, alternateRecordStyles:true,
    dataSource: worldDS,
    // display a subset of fields from the datasource
    sortFieldNum: 1, // sort by countryName
    dataPageSize: 50,
    drawAheadRatio: 4

    left:1, top:240, width:160,
    title:"Fetch Double",
    click: function() {
    function(dsResponse, data, dsRequest){
    isc.say('callback 1 '+dsRequest.clientContext.getDataSource().ID);
    {clientContext: countryList}
    setTimeout(function() {
    function(dsResponse, data, dsRequest){
    isc.say('callback 2 '+dsRequest.clientContext.getDataSource().ID);
    {clientContext: countryList}
    }, 100);

    Any suggestions on why this might be happening and the best way to prevent the grid from getting stuck in the "Data Loading" state?

    Please avoid posting duplicates. This issue is already being investigated.


      Sorry, we did not see any updates in the original thread so posted here.


        Right, don't do that, if you want a progress update just post again in the original thread.

        When you post a duplicate, you can cause two people to waste time working in parallel on the same issue.