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    ListGrid - Non Editable field value not passing to server

    Smartclient v9.0p_2014-01-15 - Power Edition
    Browser : IE 8,9,10

    I am using ListGrid with few columns editable and few non editable.
    One of the Non-Editable column is calculated field based on value entered in one of the editable column.
    I want to send the value of calculated column/field on the server. But, since it is NON-Editable field,I don't see the value going to the server.

    Is there a way to send value of non editable field to the server when we save the records on ListGrid?

    Also, I am saving all the records together, on click of button and have set autoSaveEdits: false

    Please suggest.

    Yes - you can establish the value by using setEditValue() instead of whatever approach you are currently using (formatCellValue presumably).


      Thanks, it worked