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    FilterBuilder inline-setShowSelectionCheckbox operators

    SmartClient Version: v9.1p_2014-03-18/Pro Deployment (built 2014-03-18)

    Im using the filter builder and trying to use the inline appearance in order to use the setShowSelectionCheckbox option to allow the user to selectively control clause application when filtering. Is there a way to set the operators per clause.

    Currently it looks like the operator combo box per clause has options of "and" and "and not" ( The documented defaults). Id like to be able to have a "or" as well in order to have both "and" and "or" clauses in the filer.

    To be clear I'm asking if is there a way control the permitted operations per clause when using inline appearance ?

    Or is there some other way to accomplish this ?


    If "or" and other operators were allowed it would be unclear to the end user how the logic would be executed (basically, where are the parentheses?).

    To allow the user to explicitly use other operators, use the default mode, where brackets are shown to clearly indicate precedence of operators.


      Can the setShowSelectionCheckbox be displayed when using the default (non inlined) mode ?



        No, as explicitly doc'd, this property is ignored for modes other than "inline".