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    Is SmartClient Compatible with Other JavaScript Libs/Frameworks/SDKs

    Hi everyone,

    I've only recently started checking out the SmartClient Ajax RIA SDK and it seems promising enough. I was wondering one thing and was hoping I could get an answer in the forums. Does SmartClient Ajax RIA SDK integrate easily with other JavaScript/AJAX libs/frameworks, e.g. jQuery, Scriptaculous and MooTools. I am interested in using SmartClient Ajax SDK in a current project but i need to be sure it can be integrated or is compatible with these other open-source Javascript frameworks.

    Thanks a bunch for any help.

    JQuery definitely. Mootools unknown. Scriptaculous it depends: there are clashing additions to the Array prototype made by the two frameworks. If what you want to do is some light animation via Scriptaculous, followed by loading SmartClient on the fly to handle a full-blown application, you wont run into problems. If you try to use both simultaneously you could hit the Array issue.

    We can fix this on our end by assuming Prototype is going to clobber our functions, and if you'd like to sponsor that change I'm sure the community would welcome it.


      What about compatibility with WICKET. At my work they use Oracle DB 10G, Hibernate, Wicket, Java, Javascript...

      I would like to use Smartclient to quickly create a prototype of the application needed. Until now I have used Alphasoftware (A5V9), which worked great for quickly creating grids, forms and web pages. Only this tool has not yet incorporated Ajax yet in such an extent it can be included without programming javascript (or at least have some indepth knowledge how to incorporate it..)...A5v9: It has a XBasic webserver and generates html pages. Performance should be improved. It does not yet include std AJAX callbacks only for the data changed yet...

      That's why I am evaluating Smartclient. When using the Smartclient (visual builder), is the code generated compatibile with std: Java / Wicket generated code / Javascript. Or close?

      regards, Ron


        Does WICKET have a role in a RIA architecture where there is no server-side generation of HTML? If so, do you have a specific integration approach in mind that offers advantages over the RIA / SOA architecture, that is, a server that consists only of secure data services, with no presentation logic?

        Visual Builder generates standard SmartClient XML and JavaScript, just like SmartClient code you write directly.


          Thanks for the response. I should probably have been more specific, my apologies. The current project I am working on is the development of a full-featured commercial real estate management web application. I recently started a web software company and this is the first official product I will be offering in response to an initial market analysis done within the local and regional market. The product is being built on the CodeIgniter PHP framework and is using a combination of efficient server-side logic and database interaction and global template generation, with a highly flexible and theme-able front-end UI and AJAX RIA system.

          Now this is where SmartClient comes in. I am using jQuery core and plugins heavily for the client-side logic, themeing and presentation so the fact that jQuery compatibility is there is a definite plus. I only mentioned Mootools and Scriptaculous because there is the possibility that these frameworks may be used for future add-on/module/plug-in development. However, what I am currently looking for is a highly stable, extendible Ajax RIA client framework for use in delivering the application UI components to the end-user, within the viewport area of the application. This framework needs to be fully themeable/skinnable to allow and support third-party theme development, must be able to handle full client-side generation of HTML within the viewport. The application server will expect the RIA client to request data through REST and/or SOAP requests and will be able to return the data as JSON or XML/SOAP responses.

          This is the reason I decided to checkout SmartClient (I actually came across it through a Google Adsense ad being ran on my company's own site). I was originally considering using either jQuery UI or Ext, however these two are still somewhat limited in providing the full extent of the functionality and UI capability and responsiveness of what we have targeted for the application, despite the fact that they have both come a long way since their inception. The fact is the real estate market is highly competitive and realtors, property owners and customers will expect a highly intuitive and responsive application, otherwise they will look elsewhere.

          From the extent to which I have delved into SmartClient so far, it seems very close to the right fit for what I need. But I need to be sure it will play well with jQuery Core for now, as I said Scriptaculous/Mootools compatibility is not critical at this stage. When it does become critical I would be more than happy to look into my company sponsoring any collaborative efforts between ourselves and Isomorphic Software to fix any compatibility issues.

          Again, thank you for the response and I will definitely continue to take a deeper and more thorough look into your company's AJAX RIA software.

          Best Regards,
          Owan Hunte
          Chief Software Architect
          iSphere Technologies