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    CSS cleanup


    Please consider cleaning up CSS - even in new Stratus skins there are still such dinosaurs as prefixed -moz-border-radius or -webkit-box-shadow while unprefixed versions are supported since 8 years ago
    People using 8 years old Firefox are not worthy to see the rounded shadows. :) And I am pretty sure you don't see them in your stats everyday.

    Best regards,

    We are calling standard SASS functions, which still use the prefixes. When SASS drops the prefixes, our CSS will as well, with no effort on our part.


      It's not going to happen. :(
      SASS does not have this features internally. Mixins (SASS functions from external libraries or own) for such prefixes for standarized properties are not going to be changed - they could only be changed to an equivalent of function(x) { return x; } which makes no sense as the natural way is to remove function(x) at all.
      If you use mixins from Compass SASS library, that was popular back in a days, it's not going to happen even more as Compass is not maintained for 4-5 years now.

      I do not know browser statistics collected from your customers, but you claim to support browser that are already not supported for years by their makers.
      Please consider increasing the lowest versions of supported browser with every new major or minor version of SmartClient as even users of IE6 (0,01% users according to on XP can move to IE8 and for Firefox etc. upgrading should not be a problem. If you do that and remove all workarounds, extra CSS, extra HTML, it will make the library smaller and faster for 99,9% others.

      I have just browsed through source code and found plenty of special cases made usually for old versions of IE - sometimes the workaround is used also for newer IE versions despite IE introduced support for that features years ago.
      For example _selectIETextRange in ISC_Forms.js is called for every IE to work around missing element.setSelectionRange that was introduced to IE9.


        We’re not sure why you think these standard functions won’t be updated.

        As far as seeing seemingly old workarounds, in reality, there are many more bugs than most groups are aware of, so frequently, we are forced to stay on old APIs because the new ones have issues. We do steadily eliminate older workarounds steadily, but the cost in terms of code or runtime performance is negligible.


          Just a further note here: CSS is delivered compressed, so several dozen definitions of this kind add up to just tens of bytes, on the first load ever only (afterwards the CSS is cached). Runtime impact is negligible as well. So this is not even worth the discussion - nothing to gain here.