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    Skins with larger font sizes


    There has definitely been an evolution in UI design towards larger fonts in recent years. And, we want to show our users larger fonts and easier to read text. But, all of the default smartclient skins use relatively small font. Are there any plans to offer a default skin with larger fonts?

    We don't have plans at the moment to create such a skin as a default skin.

    We *are* thinking about taking advantage of the nicer typography options that are now available, but of course that's fairly straightforward if you are modifying a skin.

    As far as strictly larger fonts, it seems like most customers are still interested in creating interfaces that are quite information-dense, so they don't want their grids displaying less records, their charts showing less data, etc.


      Thanks for the feedback. We are finding that often our users want a view that is information dense when they are doing intense heads-down work in our application. But, there is a growing need for users who also want brief, concise, easy to consume data that is tough to achieve with the default skin because the fonts are so small.

      So, can you give some more detail on how we can modify a skin to take advantage of these typography options you mention?


        Unfortunately that question is a bit like asking "how of I use CSS?" :) we would recommend starting my Googling "webfonts" - once you've decided on an approach, it's relatively straightforward to apply, but there are a bunch of basics to understand first.


          mart client-edition.

          we would like ask about an timeline-like calender, not only for a month but a year. By now you have the possibility to work with timelines for multiple persons for example here.
          We would like to see a possibility to create a year-overview for one person in which you also can drag and create new events. So it could be like in every row you have one month and on the top you could have 1-31 for the days. I think this feature is missing even in the latest smart client-edition.

          Best Regards


            This feature is currently not available for smartclient. The only possibility to get this done - by now - is a feature sponsorship.
            We also have wanted this feature. But since the price for us was not worth the added value for our product we declined. If you are interested in this, maybe there is a chance we could get it done by dividing the price to multiple requests.