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    Realtime Messaging module in SmartGWT EE

    Updated April 13 2011: These samples have now been integrated into the Showcase. To see the latest version of these samples, please download a SmartGWT Eval build dated 4/14 or newer.


    SmartGWT Enterprise Edition includes support for Server-Push technology through the optional Realtime Messaging module.

    We've put together a couple of samples to demonstrate the Messaging module in SmartGWT. These are available as a zip archive here.
    This archive contains two samples.
    - The simplechat project is a sample application with a simple "Chat Application" type interface. In this example the browser is subscribed to a Messaging stream and has an interface allowing the user to publish messages to this same stream, meaning multiple browser sessions can communicate in realtime.
    - The stockquotes project demonstrates the paradigm of having server side events cause data to be passed to the client in real-time, as with a financial stock price tracking application.

    To try these samples out, first download and install the latest SmartGWTEE evaluation distribution.
    The samples may then be unzipped and run in the same way as any of the other SmartGWT samples.
    You will need to include the full set of SmartGWTEE evaluation jar files on your build path to run each demo.
    See the README.txt in each sample for more information.

    For full information on the Messaging module we suggest you check out the Messaging Quick Reference guide.

    Note: the SmartClient Messaging module is part of the commercial SmartClient product and this sample is provided for evaluation only. To license this module for deployment, please contact us directly at
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    Updated Feb 23 2011: Samples updated to include new "Stock Quote" example and make use of Realtime Messaging module jars now included in Evaluation package