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  • SmartClient 8.0: Standard language packs

    As detailed in the 8.0 release announcement, and in the Reference Explorer entry "Internationalization and Localization" in the 8.0 documentation, a set of standard language packs may be employed to localize many different messages in the SmartClient UI to 18 different locales. Unfortunately, the 8.0 release omitted these standard language packs.

    The language packs may be downloaded here. To install, unzip the linked file into the smartclientSDK/isomorphic/ and smartclientRuntime/isomorphic/ directories of a SmartClient 8.0 distribution.

    To test the correct installation of these packs, open the SmartClient Feature Explorer and navigate to "Extending->Localization" in the left example tree.

    These standard language packs are already included in the nightly builds, and will be present in the next versioned SmartClient release.