The SmartClient 8.1 and SmartGWT 2.5 releases contained a version of the Enterprise Blue skin which caused a JavaScript exception / poor display in some browsers.

For SmartClient users this may be resolved using the "load_skin.js" file available at This is a drop in replacement of the "load_skin.js" file under isomorphic/skins/EnterpriseBlue/load_skin.js in the package.

For SmartGWT users, a new version of smartgwt.jar is available at This jar contains the corrected EnterpriseBlue skin resources, and may be used instead of the smartgwt.jar distributed with the package.

For Maven users, the patch with the EnterpriseBlue skin fix can be found here


   Group Id: com.smartgwt
   Artifact Id: smartgwt
   Version: 2.5-patch
Note that nightly patch builds are also available for the 8.1 and 2.5 release. These builds differ from the official release in that they contain bug-fixes only, and are available under and