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    Patch to enable Firefox 17 support for SmartClient 8.0 / SmartGWT 2.4 and earlier

    This patch code address various issues which can occur when running Firefox 17 against older versions of SmartClient / SmartGWT.

    This issue is already resolved in the latest patch releases available at, so this patch code will only be necessary for older versions of the framework where patched releases are unavailable.

    This includes SmartClient version 8.0 and earlier, and SmartGWT version 2.4 and earlier.

    If you are encountering problems with Firefox 17 running against SmartClient 8.1 or higher / SmartGWT 2.5 or higher, we would recommend trying the latest patched build rather than explicitly applying this patch code.

    As with any SmartClient javascript patch, this may be applied by adding the script block to your HTML page after loading the SmartClient framework - either as a separate .js file included using <script src=...> tags, or as an inline script block directly embedded in the HTML file.

    Patch Code follows:
    // Patch for various issues with Firefox 17 running old SmartClient / SmartGWT packages.
    // This patch fixes SmartClient's browser detection logic for Firefox version 17.
    // It may be applied to applications running:
    // - SmartClient versions 8.0 and earlier, or
    // - SmartGWT versions 2.4 and earlier.
    // The browser detection issues may also exist in original release packages for more
    // recent SmartClient and SmartGWT branches. If you are encountering such issues with these
    // packages we would recommend getting the latest patched release from 
    // which already has a fix for this issue in place.
    // Note: This explicit patch code will have no effect on the latest patch releases
    // (SmartClient version 8.1 and greater, SmartGWT version 2.5 and greater), and should
    // not be applied to applications running on these releases.
    if (window.isc) {
        if (isc.Browser.isFirefox && isc.Browser.geckoVersion < 1000 && isc.Browser.geckoVersion >= 17) { 
            isc.Log.logWarn("Corrected Browser detection logic for Firefox 17");
            isc.Browser.geckoVersion = 20121121