The Addendums forum contains documentation updates, workarounds and tips for working with Isomorphic SmartClient.

To obtain patches, go to - patches are provided as new builds which you can simply install normally, with no need to incorporate a separate patch file into your application.

The Addendums forum also contains patches for older versions of the product, available as separate files. These patches will consist of a small snippet of JavaScript code that may be deployed within your application.

To apply these older patches to a SmartClient application:
- Copy and paste the entire patch code into a new file
- Save this file out as a JavaScript file and copy it to a location where it can be easily loaded by your deployed SmartClient application.
- Use standard <SCRIPT SRC=...></SCRIPT> tags to include the patch code in your application. Be sure to include the patch after loading the Isomorphic SmartClient system, but before any application code.

Patches always apply to a specific SmartClient build - so when you upgrade to a newer version of SmartClient, both the patch file and the tag to load it can be removed from your application.