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    SmartClient 7.0rc2:Patch for issue with Calendar module and screenReader

    In SmartClient version 7.0RC2, an issue exists whereby if screenReader support has been enabled via setting isc.screenReader = true;, attempting to render out a Calendar component will cause errors.

    This has been resolved internally and the fix will be present in the 7.0 final release. In the meantime, here's a patch for the 7.0 RC2 build
    // Isomorphic SmartClient 7.0rc2 patch
    // Purpose: Fix for an error screenReader and Calendar components.
    // Applies to SmartClient 7.0RC2 builds only
    if (window.isc && isc.version.startsWith('7.0rc2')) {
        if (isc.ListGrid) {
                getRowWAIState : function (rowNum) {
                    var record = this.getRecord(rowNum);
                    if (this.selection && this.selection.isSelected && this.selection.isSelected(rowNum)) {
                        return {selected : true };
    } else if (window.isc) {
        isc.Log.logWarn("Patch for SmartClient 7.0 Release Candidate 2 included in this application. " +
                "You are currently running SmartClient verion '"+ isc.version + 
                "'. This patch is not compatible with this build and will have no effect. " +
                "It should be removed from your application source.");