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    Deploy Smart GWT on Apache Tomcat

    Hi Everyone

    I have tried to deploy SmartGWT application with Apache Tomcat 6.0

    I have created

    /gwtdemo/webapps as context directory.

    I have included all jars of GWT & 2 jars of SmartGWT.
    xml also includes
    <inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwt"/>

    But when i run it, it does not show anything.
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    Start by examining the hello-world sample that is part of the Smart GWT distribution. It has an ant build file with a "war" target that produces a war file that you can drop in tomcat and have it deployed. Once you understand how the war is structures you can apply it to your project.



      Hi Sanjiv,

      Thanks for reply.

      I have tried to build .war file using ant but it failed.Though I tried after setting GWT_HOME environment variable also.

      However, I looked into build.xml and it seems that it creates the same hierarchy of directories like i have mentioned above. But instead of /webapps which standard for Tomcat , it creates '/war' which Jetty uses.

      Will it work under tomcat ?


        I was able to deploy SmartGwt under tomcat with the help a team mate.

        Though, Its very easy. SO, i thouht to put it here that might help others.

        Put your all dependency .jars are under /war/WEB-INF/lib.
        Clean the project with 'ant' or IDE like eclipse.
        Compile it with GWT Compile.

        Let say, you have gwt appln names "nil".
        So, you structure should like
        With all files residing under/war.

        Copy all contents from /war directory.

        Go to Tomcat/webpps.
        Create a dir called "nil".

        Paste all copied contents. Restart Tomcat.

        Then access using:

        It should display your gwt application home page.

        Hope it helps.!!


          No luck here deploying to tomcat


          I have managed to do and run a simple smartgwt application that I would like to deploy to tomcat ver 6.0.43 running on windows 7 x64.

          I did the application following the steps in this link:

          Tomcat is running OK and I can run "examples" application correctly. I used: http://localhost:8080/examples/ and it worked.

          The smartgwt application is running OK inside Eclipse but I want to test it with tomcat. I have tried the last solution in this thread of copying war contents inside \webapps\myproject\ and then when I go to:

          http://localhost:8080/myproject/ I get this error:

          HTTP Status 503 - This application is not currently available

          I have also tried:

          and get the same error 503 as above.

          I'm using chrome Version 40.0.2214.111 m, for testing in development mode (Eclipse) and with tomcat.

          I can't follow the first solution here because I'm new to java and related tools so I don't know what a ant build file is or where to find it. And by the way I can not find a hello world in the smartwgt samples so I had to look elsewhere (

          Any help please?

          Thanks in advance.


            Now it is working on Tomcat :)

            The problem was tomcat was running on jdk 7.x and JRE Eclipse project configuration was set to use jre 8.x, so I created environment variable JRE_HOME to point to jre 8.x folder, tested and it worked.

            To do the test I used:


            I copied the files under 'war' folder (Eclipse) to tomcat folder 'webapps' as said mhardik.

            Thanks mhardik.