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  • smartgwt-2.4 Showcase doesn't load with Chrome 9.0.597.19

    I'm running Fedora 12. "Please wait ..." never goes away. FF 3.5 works. The online version works with Chrome.

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    Need the rest of the information required with every issue report: version and edition of SGWT, Dev Mode vs Compiled behavior, client and server-side logs.


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      I downloaded 2.4 from

      I unzipped with 0 changes.

      All I did was open file:///.xxx/smartgwt-2.4/samples/Showcase/war/index.htm in the URL with no compiling. It worked with the identical behavior with FF 3.5

      BTW, If I compile the showcase, it does load with Chrome, however, its behavior is inconsistent. I will get more details.

      More details from Chrome console:
      Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL file:///home/sbuschman/Downloads/smartgwt-2.4/samples/Showcase/war/index.html from frame with URL file:///home/sbuschman/Downloads/smartgwt-2.4/samples/Showcase/war/showcase/B22F953C6D66089A21E57F35C31589C0.cache.html. Domains, protocols and ports must match.

      OK, it has nothing to do with the showcase. Running helloworld doesn't work either because of the same mismatch issue.
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        Web applications in general may not run just from the filesystem because of browser restrictions like you're seeing, which are there for security. This is why the readme tells you to run the Showcase by deploying it to Tomcat or another similar server.


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          Chrome in particular has stricter rules about loading GWT compiled applications from a filesystem. If you inspect the Chrome developer console you'll see an error message like

          Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL file:..samples/Showcase/war/index.html from frame with URL file:..samples/Showcase/war/showcase/BA3330101903B4D707435D771BCCBCD5.cache.html. Domains, protocols and ports must match.
          This is not specific to Smart GWT. You'll see the same error if you try opening and sample shipped with GWT in Chrome using the local filesystem.

          Firefox and Safari do not complain and in IE the app loads fine after you all access when prompted with the warning.