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    Transport error - HTTP code: 404 for URL (FeatureExplorerRPC)

    Hi SmartClient Friends:

    I am new SmartClient, use SmartClient evolution version, and followed "Server integration" instruction to deploy on JBoss 4.2.3, IDE: Spring STS (eclipse).

    I can see "featured samples" tree, but click any menu, gave below error

    "Transport error - HTTP code: 404 for URL: http://localhost:8080/myApp/isomorphic/FeatureExplorerRPC"

    I seem Javascript run ok, but Server side Java nor response. Because our application servers are JBoss, so we want SmartClient can work on JBoss.

    Could you advise me how to solve the problem ?

    Thanks very much.

    The installation instructions have you copy over the resources you will actually ship with your application to your end users - which does not include the Feature Explorer or documentation. Run samples and docs from the original SDK, using the embedded server.

    You can also deploy the entire SDK to JBoss if you want a central copy for developers in your organization to reference. To this, just take the smartclientSDK directory and deploy the entire thing as a .war.