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    Is the Server Framework included in the 8.0 Evaluation?

    Hi -

    I downloaded the evaluation "" here:

    I want to run the Server Examples - in particular: "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)".

    Is this possible using the SmartClient 8.0 Evaluation?

    On page 9 of "SmartClient_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf" it says:

    You do not need to perform any server configuration for this Quick Start. However, for your information:

    - The SmartClient Admin Console (linked from the SDK Explorer) provides a graphical interface to configure direct database connections, create database tables from DataSource descriptors, and import test data. Note: Requires SmartClient Server.

    It says "Note: Requires SmartClient Server", so does this mean I cannot run the Server Framework using the 8.0 Evaluation?

    The functionality shown in the example "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)" online is the main reason I am thinking of buying the Pro Edition, so I would really like to test this functionality locally first if possible, using the 60-day Evaluation.


    (Browser is Google Chrome 12.0.742.100)

    Yes it's in the Eval (the Eval has everything).


      Hi -

      Thanks for the reply, but I still seem to be having some problems. Let me clarify further what is happening in the Evaluation on my machine.

      The example "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)" on your site:

      shows 10 records in the Orders table.

      But in my local installation of the Evaluation:


      it says "No items to show".

      So I'm still confused. Do I need to perform some additional steps maybe, to get the the Server Framework and a database working in the Evaluation on my machine?

      Also: In some of the other Server Examples I also get a message "Data cannot be saved because you are not online". Is this the expected behavior in the Evaluation?



        Hi -

        I did some more investigating and I found something interesting.

        I opened the Admin Console:


        Then I selected the Database 'HSQLDB (default)', and clicked 'Browse'.

        This displayed a list of tables. If I click on a table name such as 'ANIMALS' or 'STOCKCATEGORY' (more precisely: if I click on a field name under a table name), then it displays a list of records.

        However, if I click on either of the tables involved in the example "Server Examples" > "Hibernate/Beans" > "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)" (ie, MASTERDETAIL_ORDER, MASTERDETAIL_ORDERITEM), then the Admin Console shows no records in those tables, and displays the message "No items to show" inside the data grid.

        So, maybe the Evaluation is working correctly, but it just happens to not contain any records in the tables involved in the example "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)"?

        If this is indeed the case, is there another way I could add some records to those tables (perhaps accessing HSQLDB directly instead of via SmartClient), so that I could test the example "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)"?


        (I am using WinXP Pro, and browser Google Chrome 12.0.742.100, evaluating
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          Hi -

          I figured out how to solve the problem of no records in tables MASTERDETAIL_ORDER and MASTERDETAIL_ORDERITEM.

          I went into the Admin Console and clicked on the tab 'Import Datasources'.

          Then I clicked on the button 'Import'. It gave a warning saying that all tables and data would be dropped and recreated. After I clicked OK, the tables MASTERDETAIL_ORDER and MASTERDETAIL_ORDERITEM were populated.

          I then tested this by going to example "Server Examples" > "Hibernate / Beans" > "Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save)" and saw 10 records correctly displayed in the datagrid for the Orders table. Clicking on (for example) Order 3 correctly showed 5 records in the Order Details child table.

          I've been searching a long time for a web database which includes master-detail datagrids, so I am very impressed with SmartClient!



            Good to hear. We're not sure why your sample database wasn't per-populated (it normally is) but manually populating it with the admin console is the right fix, and the same tool can be used to import data for your own DataSources.