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    "Data cannot be saved because you are not online."

    Hi -

    When I run examples in the Feature Explorer which involve data and I edit a record and then hit the 'Save' button, I always get this message:

    "Data cannot be saved because you are not online."

    Is this the expected behavior in the SmartClient 8.0 Evaluation?


    (Using, WinXP, browser Google Chrome 12.0.742.100.)

    How are you running the Feature Explorer? If you're running it by double-clicking on an .html file from Windows Explorer, that's not correct. Run it by going to the running SmartClient Server (at localhost:8080 by default - see QuickStart Guide).


      Hi -

      Doing it again today, it works fine.

      (For example, in Server Examples > Hibernate / Beans > Master-Detail (Batch Load and Save) I click on a master record, double-click on a detail record, make changes, and hit Save. The save is successful, and when I leave this example and come back to it, the updates to the detail record are still there.)

      I think I did access the Feature Explorer yesterday the way you specified: by first double-clicking the BAT file start_embedded_server.bat and then double-clicking the browser shortcut icon open_ISC_SDK_from_server (whose target URL is http://localhost:8080/index.html). For some reason I kept getting a message about being "offline" when trying to save data yesterday. Maybe this was happening because I also needed to go into the Admin Console and do Import DataSource.

      Thanks. It's really great to have a product like SmartClient which provides such rich databound widgets and solid database architecture in a web application - right out of the box.


        Importing or not importing via the Admin Console wouldn't cause that message to be displayed - assuming you did not call Offline.goOffline(), it indicates that your browser notified SmartClient that you don't have network connectivity. Could be a bug in Chrome, something that it may do when you eg move from wired to wifi or similar.



          We just had a Google Chrome user in our production application using SmartClient get this "Data cannot be saved because you are not online" message when trying to delete a record.

          We've never done anything with your offline capability yet so I was surprised to see this show up. Is this expected behavior, a possible Chrome bug as you mention in this thread, or is there some configuration change we need to make?


            If you have not explicitly set the 'offline' status, then we rely on what the browser reports to us.
            In theory Chrome should only report itself as offline if it is unable to access the network. If this was a temporary condition and is not otherwise reproducible it seems likely that the user lost their connection briefly. If this is occurring consistently then there may be a Chrome bug.

            We are not aware of a bug that would cause this behavior, (and Chrome is widely used with SmartClient) but if you can show us a way to reproduce this we'll take a look.


              I have the same problem, actually, we are not connected to the network but we want to use our smart gwt application offline. So Chrome is probably telling smart gwt that no connection is available (in fact, even no RJ45 cable is plugged).
              Do you know how to setup Chrome for it not to tell smart gwt that it is offline ?
              That would greatly help me

              thanks a lot!