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    SmartGWT Jar File Mismatch

    Just a heads up:

    The smartgwt-2.5.jar file available in the maven repo is NOT the same as the smartgwt.jar file available in the ZIP file one downloads when evaluating the latest Enterprise edition.

    The date on the former is from early August 2011 whereas the latter is from early October.

    I don't know if this is by design or what, but I just got bit by a method signature change in Window.onCloseClick(...).

    Right, all packages are self-contained and should never mix .jars from different packages or different sources.


      Are there javadocs then for the SmartGWT Enterprise Edition? The ones on the web appear to be for the Maven version.


        Take a look in the QuickStart Guide - it links to all the JavaDocs (client and server).


          Ack! Yea, sorry. I just saw them in my unzipped EE directory. Clearly I missed them before.

          I don't think there is, but is there a Maven repo for EE? I had to hack my repo and replace the jars w/ the EE versions to get my Maven build to stop complaining.

          If we go with one of the supported/paid versions, is the proper solution to manually add it to Nexus or Artifactory so the devs can just pull it down as if it were a normal Maven package?


            Right, we don't currently have Maven support for Pro/EE. If you search around the forums, you can find a few sample user-created POM files.