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    SgwtEESetup problem with log4j

    I'm trying to get started with a SmartGWT-2.5 Evaluation.

    I'm following the instructions in the SgwtEESetup file, under "Adding Smart GWT EE to an existing project."

    Step 4 says:

    "Copy war/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.config.xml across to the "src" dir of your project (it's placed in the "src" dir as a means of getting it into the CLASSPATH). This enables default log4 categories for server-side logs appropriate for development. "

    I see no such "log4j.config.xml" in any of the sample directories. What am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance.

    The file is log4j.isc.config.xml (you were missing "isc."). Note that in some samples it's actually now in the "src" directory of the sample, which is another way of getting it into the classpath.


      I'm following the instructions at this link:

      There's no ".isc." mentioned there.

      Correcting for that, however, and changing my file system search criteria, I found the files -- thanks!

      Could you please update the doc at the link above?


        Ah you're correct - the docs in the package are already up to date, and the online docs will reflect this as soon as we get the next release out.