I am trying to create a datasource to keep in memory and remember the current values for things. I tried to edit the XML below and add a clientOnly: true parameter. But, all it did was hang VB.

I tried to find examples in the docs. There was plenty of discussion, but it never got to the level I needed. I saw talk of Admin Console, but could not figure out how to accomplish it there.

I supplied a dataURL, but did not see anywhere in the console log where it was being read. I saw complaints that it tried to look in the test_data folder. So, I moved a copy of my JSON file there named Current.data.js with no luck.

I just need a one record JSON file to stand in for what I need to start my app. I believe it can be done. I may have done this last year when I was experimenting. I blew it all away and started fresh with a new version in the new year.

Just my luck.

<DataSource ID="Current" dataFormat="json" dataURL="file:///D:/Eclipse/New%20Product/Database/Current.json">
        <field name="AccountID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="Account.ACCOUNTID"/>
        <field name="LicenseID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="License.LICENSEID"/>
        <field name="CommunityID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="Community.COMMUNITYID"/>
        <field name="CommunityName" type="text" title="Community" hidden="false"/>
        <field name="OrganizationID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="Organization.ORGANIZATIONID"/>
        <field name="TeamMemberID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="TeamMember.TEAMMEMBERID"/>
        <field name="TeamMemberName" type="text" title="Welcomes"/>
        <field name="ProjectID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="Project.PROJECTID"/>
        <field name="IssueID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="Issue.ISSUEID"/>
        <field name="TaskID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="Task.TASKID"/>
        <field name="MeetingTypeID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="MeetingType.MEETINGTYPEID"/>
        <field name="ReportTypeID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="ReportType.REPORTTYPEID"/>
        <field name="MeetingTopicID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="MeetingTopic.MeetingTopicID"/>
        <field name="ReportTopicID" type="integer" hidden="true" foreignKey="ReportTopic.ReportTopicID"/>