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    Visual Builder installation and documentation

    I just purchased SmartGWT 3.0 Pro. I searched through the download and cannot find any way to install Visual Builder. I also cannot find any documentation on it, other than a couple of brief videos on your website. My best guess is that I must install the server portion of SmartGWT in order to run Visual Builder, even though I otherwise have no interest in the server features? But where's the manual? Help!
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    No guessing required - start with the QuickStart Guide.


      I've read the QuickStart Guide multiple times. When I search that document, I get zero matches for "Visual Builder".


        The same problem for me. All the questions are pointed back to QuickStart guide, but a lots of information are not there at all.


          The QuickStart Guide is an overview which you should read first. It contains links to other information, including installation instructions.

          Visual Builder does not feature prominently in the QuickStart Guide because it is not the right place to start - see discussion here.

          This is why you need to start with the QuickStart - so that you don't start in the wrong place and waste time.


            The answer to my original question is not to "start with the QuickStart Guide". The answer simply isn't in there. The answer to my question is that Visual Builder is only installed with certain editions of Smart Client and that there is no manual for how to use it.



              No, wrong. Visual Builder docs are right here, but you'd know that if you read far enough into the QuickStart Guide to hit the critically important section that tells you where all the other docs are (page 6) :) People who have not read this section are predictably completely lost.

              The other main reason we wanted to make sure you went back to the QuickStart Guide is that essentially every time someone is looking to dive into Visual Builder, they have bad assumptions about what its for (as the FAQ explains) and need to read the QuickStart first.