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    Questions on Licensing

    We are working on a SaaS tool for web-applications and considering SC for that.

    I understand we can build commercial applications and sell commercial products that include SmartClient LGPL.
    The FAQ also says that the LGPL license does require that if you make enhancements to Smart GWT / SmartClient LGPL, you must share them with the community.

    1) So the question is: If I keep the LGPL package separately in a directory and then have my other JS customizations on top of it (not within), is it permissible with LGPL?

    2) How should the website provide any links to SC source-code that is used on the site? Or is it not required to be done separately as far as we keep the package intact?

    3) What else is required if we are to delete some components from "isomorphic" directory? For example you suggest to remove "development" directory if we donot want to use developer console. Are we required to publish the changes? If so how?

    4) The web-app will also have a tool that is kindof similar to Visual Builder (not exactly that).... Does this raise any concerns?


    1. Yes, allowed, so long as your modifications are not just copies of the LGPL code that have been modified

    2. There is no need to do so unless you have modified the source.

    3. Not shipping parts of the LGPL assets is not considered a modification, this is fine.

    4. This is fine too, you can build whatever you like.


      The LGPL isomorphic .jar files


      in addition to the upper questions, I have another one:

      The smartclient LGPL download also includes jar files
      in SmartClient_v82p_2012-03-29_LPGL\smartclientSDK\WEB-INF\lib
      for example:

      Do these jar files also belong to the LGPL?

      Thank you,


        No. These files are present in order to provide some tools we provide for free, but they are not under the LGPL and may not be included in your applications without purchasing a license. The Deploying SmartClient guide covers this in more detail.


          Thank you for the answer,

          but to be honest, I could not find any information that further clarifies the situation, not in the "Deploying SmartClient guide", nor somewhere else.

          The download page says:
          "LGPL Edition: free and open source works with any server. Includes Java Server to provide several free tools for use with any server."

          This I understand as
          "whatever is in the LGPL download package is for free".

          Please indicate in more detail, if this is not the case.

          Thank you,