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    Selenium Automation With Isomorphic Webdriver

    1.I need to test a GWT application using Selenium Webdriver and I found that SmartClientWebDriver can be used for my case (downloaded isomorphic_webdriver and other required dependencies from the latest SmartClient_v101p_2016-01-16_LGPL)
    2..From the documentation ( ) i found a different webdriver class cited in the example as given below
    Smart GWTFirefoxDriver driver = new Smart GWTFirefoxDriver(); driver.setBaseUrl("http://localhost:8080/"); where in isomorphic_webdriver doesnt have the GWTFirefoxDriver class but have SmartClientChromeDriver, SmartClientFirefoxDriver, SmartClientIEDriver, SmartClientRemoteWebDriver <br> Query: I need to understand if there is any such GWTFirefoxDriver that can be found in isomorphic_webdriver or any other lib as given in the documentation as the classes referred in the documentation mismatches with the classes found in the isomorphic_webdriver.Request you to help me inthis regard. <html>