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    What happened to v9.1p_2015-03-19/Pro Deployment (built 2015-03-19)?

    1. SmartClient Version: v9.1p_2015-03-19/Pro Deployment (built 2015-03-19)


    On the download link ,
    I do not see the version v9.1p_2015-03-19/Pro Deployment (built 2015-03-19).
    I need this version source code and I would like to know why it was removed. Is it unstable? Click image for larger version

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    Missing nightly builds for some date may be due to a number of factors:
    - The SmartClient framework source does not necessarily change every day, and if there are no changes, no build will be created and uploaded. This is especially true with older branches with no active development beyond occasional bug patching for clients, etc.
    - In some cases internal testing will find issues with a change. We have automated processes in place to ensure no nightly build is uploaded if changes inadvertently introduced regressions.
    - In rare cases, we will actively remove a download link for a specific build if a problem was discovered with that build after its creation, to minimize the impact on customers.

    We're not sure why you require source code for a specific older build like this, but in general if you're doing active development, we always recommend using the latest nightly patch build.

    Isomorphic Software


      This is the build running in production. This build was definitely on the download site at some point in time and was (I presume) removed.
      Could you confirm if this build id "v9.1p_2015-03-19/Pro Deployment (built 2015-03-19)" falls under scenario three i.e the one where the download link was "actively" removed?


        The daily patch builds are kept for roughly 2 weeks. After that, only one patch build per week is kept, typically but not always a build from the weekend (under the premise that it may be more stable since fewer changes are normally made then).


          I was unaware of how the builds were managed. I presume that even if the builds are no longer accessible from the download site, you still have archived copies of them. If this is not the case (as the previous answer seems to indicate), I would strongly suggest that archived copies of each build be kept specially in the case of builds that were publicly available at some point in time.

          Issue resolved.


            Sorry, that's simply too much data to archive (do the math and you'll agree), especially given that the solution to any given problem is going to be to use the latest patched build, which will differ only by bugfixes.

            It looks like your situation came about because you kept some resources from the build you're using but threw others away, so, our suggestion would simply me to keep the whole build instead.