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    No Item to Show in Component Library

    I see "No Item to Show" in the component library as in the attachment in visual builder when I fresh installed.
    What I did were
    1. downloaded the SmartClient
    2. unzip
    3. ran start_embedded_server in the SDK folder
    4. opened visual builder under tool folder in http://localhost:8080/docs/resources/explorer.html

    Am I missing anything?

    Attached Files

    What exact version of SmartClient is this? Include both the base version and the build date (see the FAQ if you don't understand).

    What browser(s) have this problem? If you've only tried one, please try at least one more and report which ones have the issue.

    Finally, please use the browser built-in tools (generally accessible by pressing F12) to check for 404 errors - this problem suggests that you are either missing files, or perhaps you have a browser plugin that is blocking loading of some files.


      I have just installed evaluation version of "SmartClient_v110p_2016-06-21_Evaluation".
      When I dugged I found the program stoped at line 3494 ISC_Core.js

      Error message I got from IE is,
      isc.A.invalidateCache=function isc_Canvas_invalidateCache(){delete;if(this.implicitCriteria){,this.implicitCriteria)}

      The error message is " can't delete the data that is not defined or null"

      I have tried in IE and firefox.



        We've made a change to address this issue. Please try the next nightly build, dated June 24.

        Isomorphic Software