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    What is the recommended IDE for SmartClient development?

    Version: 11 - build 20160625 SmartClient
    Hi, there,
    Is there anybody who can teach me what IDE is best fit for smartclient? Or am I suppose to use text editor to build JS files?
    Do we have any plugin for famous editors like eclipse, notepad++, or any other editors?


    Anybody to comment this? I would like to understand what kind of editors you guys are using.. thank Q in advance for any comment....


      I use IntelliJ and am pretty happy with it. I'm sure there are other great editors around too.


        The trial suggests Eclipse. I would like to know if JDeveloper is supported.

        PLEASE.. if anyone has any information regarding using JDeveloper with SmartGWT Pro, please share your experiences.
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          Smart GWT Admin Console GUI can create and populate relational database tables...

          Does anyone know if this means Random Generation of Data ?


            Unless you are forced to use a different approach (for example, you are
            not using a Java-based server, and cannot deploy a Java-based server in
            front of your existing server),

            Deployment to Amazon Web Services ... can Smart GWT created java applications ... does AWS offer Java-based server for deployment ?


              i have problem with selenium ide and smart gwt ..waitForElementClickable() not fonction..i have a simple page of login but the testcase is not passed and can't execute waitForElementClickable()