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    How to upgrade from older build to newer build?

    I wonder how best I can swith from older build to newer build.
    What I do is whenever I download newer nightly build, I delete \smartClientSDK and \smartClientRunTime folders and upzip newer build to the same folder.
    I guess this is not the right way.
    Can anybody teach me how to????

    Hi yohyoung,

    I do the same for my SmartGWT zip file. I created a short batch file for this.
    I also check for new versions of the framework on the Homepage with the Distill Web Monitor browser addon so that I don't have to do that manually.

    I think maven could also help here, but I do not use it.

    Best regards


      I do it with maven. I don't do it automatically, since i usually want to do manual testing whenever i upgrade to a new version of smartgwt (we've been burned several times, even on minor version updates by regression issues etc), but i have set it up so that i can do a command-line maven command that downloads and installs to my local repo, and then i go into the pom file of my project and update the version string, and then intellij re-imports all the jars.