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    8.3 Timeline

    I read about the timeline widget in the feature roadmap on the blog. I was wondering if there is any documentation (at all) for 8.3. Or any sample code to get the timeline view working. I gave the timeline view a shot but I keep getting an error from the Core class. Sample code and call stack added.


    SmartClient Ajax RIA system
    Version SNAPSHOT_v8.3d_2012-09-23/EVAL Deployment (2012-09-23)

    Sample code:

    this.control = isc.Calendar.create({
    htmlElement: this.container,
    width: 600,
    height: 400,
    viewName: "timeline",
    showTimelineView: true

    The error and call stack:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'logicalDate' of undefined ISC_Core.js:943
    isc_c_DateUtil_getStartOf ISC_Core.js:943
    isc_TimelineView_adjustTimelineForHeaders ISC_Calendar.js:3190
    isc_TimelineView_calcFields ISC_Calendar.js:3175
    isc_TimelineView_initWidget ISC_Calendar.js:3047
    isc_Canvas_init ISC_Core.js:2296
    isc_Class_createAutoChild ISC_Core.js:471
    isc_Calendar__getTabs ISC_Calendar.js:1170
    isc_Calendar_createChildren ISC_Calendar.js:1191
    isc_Calendar_initWidget ISC_Calendar.js:253
    isc_Canvas_init ISC_Core.js:2296
    isc_Class_completeCreation ISC_Core.js:387
    isc_c_Class_create ISC_Core.js:242
    htmlElements.calender.JS.Class.init htmlElement-calender.js:7