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    what is difference between development and modules

    In smartclientSDK\isomorphic\system folder of smartclient 8.2 LGPL package, I found development and modules folder. Both of them include some js files that can be deployed to web server. When I open ISC_Grids.js from these 2 folders, it seems that the file contents are the same except the comment at the beginning. I would like to know:
    1. What is the major difference development and modules folder? The only difference I know is that I have to use the files in development folder if I want to use developer console.
    2. Can I deploy the files in development folder to production env? It would be helpful to use developer console in the user's PC if the issue only can be seem in user's PC in production env.
    3. If I deploy files in development folder to production, is the performance will be impacted?
    4. In my web application, the smartclient js will be placed at {war_root}/isomorphic/system/modules, if I copy all files under development folder to {war_root}/isomorphic/system/modules, can I use developer console.
    5. I found that the files in development folder are compressed just like the ones in modules. Is there a uncompressed version of these js files? It would be useful when we do debugging with some other tools(such as firebug) during development. I found the js files in source folder is uncompressed. However, how to build an uncompressed version with the files in source folder?

    Any one can help me to clarify all these questions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Have I posted in a wrong place? Or this kind of questions have been answered in a document that everybody know? If so, anybody can provide me a link?