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    Issue Setting Up RealtimeMessaging Module with SmartClient 12.0

    I am using SmartClient 12.0, SmartClient_v120p_2020-01-07_PowerEdition. However, I'm only using the front end components from the smartclientRuntime, not the SDK.
    I am trying to set up the RealtimeMessaging Module that I purchased, I included it in a <script> tag in my main html document.
    However, when I try to run my page, I get "Transport error - HTTP code: 404 for URL: http://localhost:8080/isomorphic/IDACall"
    From looking at a previous topic posted, I tried including the servlet mapping:


    However, this did not work, and crashed my application.
    I'm not sure what else to do, please help!!

    RealtimeMessaging requires the server-side components, and you can't just add a servlet declaration to web.xml and expect that to work - you need to do the full install as shown in the docs, including the various .jars and settings files listed there.


      I included all the necessary jars and files. I'm still getting the same issue. I've looked through all of the reference docs about deploying and integrating SmartClient into my own application environment. Does the RealtimeMessaging Module require the smartClientSDK embedded server to be running? How to I reconfigure it to use my application server instead?


        No, of course it doesn't require the embedded server from the SDK.

        You need to install the .jars and the MessagingServlet, as instructed. Once you've got the MessagingServlet installed at the default URL, it would be impossible to get a 404. At best you could get a 500 server error if you skipped some other step.

        Right now all we can say is that for certain you skipped steps, probably ignored web.xml or other fundamentals - we don't have enough information to comment further.