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    Selenium IDE as Chrome extension

    I'm using SmartClient version SmartClient_v120p_2019-10-06_LGPL and I'm trying to use Selenium IDE. When I follow the instructions on
    is says:
    "Open the Selenium IDE and click the Options ==> Options... menu item"
    but the "Options" item is disabled and greyed out. Is there any other way of pointing out the locations for user-extensions.js and user-extensions-ide.js?

    I'm using the browser Chrome version 86.0.4240.111

    Thanks in advance,
    Gustav HallÚn

    What version of Selenium IDE are you using? Are you intending to use it to record or debug Selenium scripts? Did you see the note at the top of the very documentation section you linked above pointing out that Selenium IDE 3.x isn't supported? It may have said it in the context of Firefox, but it's likely you can't install Selenium IDE 2.9 in the current version of Chrome either.

    We haven't reviewed the most recent Selenium IDE 3.x version, but in previous investigations, we observed that it didn't have the capability to replace Selenium IDE 2.9, due to security restrictions imposed on plugin/extension developers by the browser vendors. As the docs say, the recommended solution is to install an older browser specifically for the task of creating and/or testing Selenese - we'd recommend either Firefox 45ESR or Firefox 52ESR, as these are what we've used before to record/debug Selenese.

    If you just want to execute Selenese, the download package supports this via emulation, but see the automated testing overview.


      Ok. I'll try an older version then.