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    Translations issue on WebLogic 12c server

    Hi Isomorphic,
    After deploying on WLS 12c we are facing problems in Data Source fmt translations of field titles. We have one development server in which, when deploying, sometimes works the translations fine but many other times does not. We are using ISC framework 12 relase. As far as we have seen, it seems that sometimes the DS instance returns an empty String when getting the title key. Then we have two managed WLS servers and when deploying it works only on one theme. Please let us know whatever information that can help us.
    Thank you!

    First thing is always to look at the server logs for a failed DS load and post them here if the answer isn’t obvious from the logs. This is required.

    If you’re saying that a given deployment either always fails to do the lookup or always succeeds, you are probably just not copying your .properties files to the server that fails, or they are corrupt or inaccessible in some way.