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    Trial Version expired from 1st day download the trial version.

    Hi there, i am trying to test the chart feature from the trial version 12.1, but when i finished download.
    This message occur, "
    This copy of Isomorphic SmartClient is expired. See for a renewal.
    And when i try to search for the facet chart class in the demo App or the Hello World, it doesn't exist.
    Even i find this component in the visual Builder, the component is doesn't exist.
    May i know what is the procedure that i had missed?
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    This sounds like a new copy of the SmartClient Evaluation was perhaps installed over a previous version, perhaps?

    If you try out a freshly downloaded Evaluation SDK you will not have this problem. But if you mix files from licensed and evaluation versions of SmartClient you could run into problems like this.

    Just follow the installation instructions such that you entirely use Evaluation SDK resources and you will be fine.

    Separately, we're not sure what you mean about finding that the FacetChart "does not exist" in the demo app or Visual Builder. The Demo App does not happen to include a chart. The Visual Builder has been superseded by Reify (see

    If you are trying to view FacetChart samples locally, just follow the instructions for installation in the QuickStart and you will have a fully functional Showcase showing FacetCharts connecting to a local embedded database.

    If you are trying to integrate FacetCharts into your application, just follow the installation instructions in the QuickStart and you will be able to use the FacetChart component. Again - be sure you follow the documented installation procedure - do not just try to replace files that you think might work - because it won't!


      Alright, thank you so much !!!