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    Upgrading SmartGWT13.0 with Java 17 & Apache Tomcat/10.1.19

    Hi All,

    We are planning to upgrade the SmartGWT 13.0. For the trial and run use the smartGWT 13.0 evaluation version. We made some changes to the code respective to Java 17. I could breathe easily after that by starting the tomcat but eventually ended up in another error.

    We have added spring security for authentication purposes and upgraded the spring version to 5.3.32. The attached error log is below.

    In addition to that added web.xml for spring configuration as below.

    Can you suggest your thoughts on this?


    Attached Files

    First: your support is long expired. Please renew if you need help.

    Note that this error doesn’t involve our software at all - we are not in the stack trace. It looks as if you are trying to register classes that are not servlets or filters as if they are servlets or filters.