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    Does smartclient 8.3 LGPL has only "development only" version?


    I've just downloaded smartclient 8.3 version to upgrade from 8.2. I'm using LGPL client-side version. I noticed that each isc.version in folders development/modules/modules-debug has version string like "v8.3p_2013-06-04/LGPL Development Only". Does it mean that part of lgpl licenced framework is not free? Or there is a typo in some files? How can I get deploy 8.3 version?

    Please, clarify this questions.


    The debug modules are loaded if you include SmartGWTDebug rather than just SmartGWT. These differ from the deployment versions slightly in that they contain less obfuscation and minification making them easier to debug, as well as some additional logging which may not show up in the deployment versions, etc. These may also be used by development tools such as the DeveloperConsole.


      Well, I'm using only clien-side JavaScript version of smartclient. I looked through each ISC_Core.js file and saw it all set to "development only", it's a bit confusing...


        Ha - our previous response, with the references to SmartGWT was no doubt confusing. Sorry about that - we incorrectly assumed this was a SmartGWT question rather than a straight SmartClient question.

        The basic answer is the same however - the SmartClient package ships with both "development" resources and "deployment" resources.
        The development modules are shipped under the smartclientSDK/ directory. The deployment versions are under smartclientRuntime/

        The resources under smartClientRuntime are what should be being deployed when you actually publicly deploy your app. The "development" resources are useful for development - they include development tools and default configurations etc set up for active development.