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    Installing SmartClient

    If you plan to consume web services or use a non-Java backend (such as PHP, .NET or
    Rails) in your final application, you don't need to deploy the SmartClient server at all,
    however, you may wish to use the Java-based self-contained development environment
    while prototyping.

    If you have Java JDK 1.4+ installed, you need only run the server launch file (.bat,
    .sh or .command) included with the SDK in order to have a complete development
    environment, including persistence to an embedded SQL database and the ability to use
    Isomorphic XML tags within .jsp files.

    Isomorphic recommends that the servlet engine and database included with SDK be used
    during evaluation. Applications developed in the SDK environment can be migrated to
    your application environment with zero or minimal code change.

    Instructions for deploying the SmartClient runtime into existing web applications are
    included in the SDK in the SmartClient Reference, in the
    Deploying SmartClient concept.

    If you have difficulty deploying SmartClient into a particular application environment,
    this forum is the place to ask for help.