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    Upgrading SmartGWT Power 3.0 to latest stable version(5.1?)


    We are using SmartGWT Power version 3.0 and want to upgrade the latest stable version.

    Can someone help me with getting answers to following questions?

    1) How does licensing work? Any cost involved?
    2) High level technical challanges to migrate from SmartGWT Power3.0 to latest stable version.

    Many Thanks,


    1) No cost, since you purchased Continuous Upgrade. But it looks like you are already in the process of finding this out (we see that you contacted the sales team about upgrading your license, which was the right thing to do).

    2) No particular challenges, since SmartGWT remains fully backwards compatible.

    There are selected deprecations that the Java compiler will tell you about, and where the replacement API to use is well documented.

    In the case that you see a behavior change that you think is a framework regression, report each such problem here with a new thread and all of the usual details.